The Beginning of My Story…

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This is the beginning of my story.  I could regale you with facts, instead I’m going to tell you a campfire tale.  As I tell this story, I may tend to sound very fantastical.  When I am becoming fantastical, it means that there are no words I have been able to find to better describe what I and others have seen of our collective experience.  My fantastical tales have always been open and flexible with change.  In other words, if you have a better way to describe it, I am all ears!

I can begin from several different contexts.  I can begin from a logical standpoint.  I can begin from an emotional one.  There is also a cultural one, a science-fiction one, or a spiritual one.  Maybe, I will weave them all together. 

To weave this story together, we must begin in 1943, when J. Robert Oppenheimer began assembling a team of scientist in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  You can read about Oppenheimer and his work on the Manhattan Project here:


Half of my childhood was spent in Jemez Springs……

My hometown and the trinity site.


I will continue this story as it comes up. I have more pressing things right now that I need to attend to. For now, keep these maps in mind. Especially when you consider the context that my ancestral family, including myself, come from Socorro, New Mexico.

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